Why I’m a Sugardaddy…

Just a random thought.

Earlier today, I am sitting in one of the dullest finance meeting ever (are there any other kind?), when my Sugarphone vibrates in my pocket.

It’s a message from Cleo.

“Daddy, your baby misses you and needs you to make me a good girl again xx”

What else is there to say?

Tips for Sugardaddies No.1 – Ditch the Phone

Since many of my readers are prospective, or newbie, SD’s, I thought I’d take the time to pass on a few of the things I’ve learnt.

I’m going to assume that you’re married, or in a significant other relationship, so if you want to have a lengthy and satisfying career as a Sugardaddy, not getting caught is a priority.

By priority, I mean a totally important, never to be forgotten, imperative that must guide all that you do.

There is also the sensible reason that you don’t want to give your Sugarbabe every detail of your other life.

So, first off, the stating the glaringly obvious lesson – ditch the phone.

Do not, ever, use your personal phone to communicate with a Sugarbabe. Get a Pay as You Go, it’s untraceable, cheap (not that it should be a consideration if you can afford to be running a Sugarbabe) and its SIM card can be ditched in seconds.

I have two identical Galaxy S3’s, one is personal/work, the other purely for my SD life. My ‘Sugarphone’ lives hidden in my car and never enters my house.

If, like me, you have a tech savvie wife, don’t even think of trying to hide texts or emails on your phone from your Sugarbabe. Hidden email and text programs can be spotted in seconds by someone who knows what they’re looking for.

Similarly, don’t try and be cute (and tight) by using a program like Hushed, (it generates random, time-limited numbers for one-off use), crazy – a total giveaway.

By all means use them on your Sugarphone, but don’t think they’ll fool anyone who’s trying to find evidence of your off-piste activities on your regular phone.

Most of all, don’t do what you don’t do.

The simplest way to arouse suspicion is if you suddenly develop a full-on texting habit, don’t do it, ever.

A quiet, dull evening at home may move you to the urge to swap some dirty pillow text with your hot Sugarbabe, but my friend, I tell you this, it’s the quickest way you’ll attract suspicion.

Oh, one last thing, I really do need to repeat it, your Sugarphone NEVER enters your house, EVER.


A Ritual of Modern Sex? – Getting the Menu in Advance…

OK, here I am trying to get some work done in my, thankfully, air-conditioned office, as London gently steams, when my Sugarphone pings.

It’s Cleo.

Now, you will recall from earlier posts, that Cleo is my current Sugarbabe and we’re on for Thursday this week, when I say ‘On’, I mean bed ‘On’.

After my gallant behaviour on our first date, Cleo has made me aware, with no ambiguity, that she is expecting us to fuck.

Which, of course, suits me very fine, thank you very much.

So I read down the text and it’s fairly hot. A list of likes and dislikes, all on the edgy side of vanilla, veering into the wonderful world of kink.

Then, at the end, ‘I really want us to fuck as naturally as possible, so are you happy if we swap STI certificates?’

Errrr….you bet!

My last one is 6 months old, so I’m going to trot along to my favourite, discrete private health clinic in the City and 24 hrs later an email comes, telling you you’re in the clear (hopefully!).

Made me think though, I’m going to bed with Cleo, already having a clear idea of what she likes and what she doesn’t, not only that, but the awful condom fumbly moment will not raise its ugly head – this ordering your sex in advance could well catch on…