Tips for Sugardaddies No. 3 – Getting Started

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge….

You’ve checked your schedule, you’ve got the time to fit in a Sugarbabe.

Your money’s good, you have a couple of thousand a month that can disappear from your income without raising eyebrows, or forcing your partner to reduce her shoe buying habit.


Now, let’s find a Sugarbabe.

The main sites in the UK are and I would recommend Seeking Arrangement for starters. In my experience it’s easier to use and the women are a little more sophisticated than, which seems to attract a lot of wannabe dreamers.

Anyway, first step is to sign up, but before you do that you will first need a disposable email account, say from gmail or hotmail.

Get that set up, make it totally anonymous and ideally have a username that’s randomly generated, it makes it harder to be cracked.

Now you’re ready.

However, before you can launch yourself on either, I strongly recommend that you think about how you want to go about this.

The moment you launch a profile on say, Seeking Arrangement, you will be bombarded with approaches – is this what you want?

You may decide that you would be better off playing it stealthy and searching the profiles of Sugarbabes instead.

In my experience, this will cut out a whole load of hassle and wasted time.

I first went on these sites three years ago and after my first relationship, I never made my profile public again.

The other bonus to this is that if you ended a Sugar relationship by fibbing that you were off the scene, you don’t have to deal with messages from her calling you a liar!

Now, the next bit is important, your profile and your pictures, this needs a bit of thought, I’ll talk about that next.




Tips for Sugarbabes – No.2 – Keep the Threesome Pics…

Flicking back through some old emails from potential Sugarbabes I’ve met online, I came across  a real shocker from 6 months ago.

Met a girl on, all seemed good, she asked for my pics. I sent some of sporty old me, trying to look cool on my mountain bike, one just coming out of the pool and another with me and a fetching tan I’d picked up after a month in Doha. Minutes later I got a reply.

So far so good, apparently I’m ‘hot’ (not sure about that, but thanks)

Then, I scrolled down the rest of her message and the pics she had sent…

Two quite sexy shots, her showing some great tits, then…OMG, three pictures of her being fucked, in one, by two guys.

Now, I am, as you’ve probably already gathered, quite a broad minded guy.

But girls, here’s a tip, probably not a good come-on to a potential Sugardaddy to show yourself in a threesome, it’s really not very classy… just saying.