Cleo in a New Light

So, the big day, or rather evening, arrived and the usually self-assured man-about-town that is me, was looking forward to the certainty of spending the night with Cleo with a certain amount of apprehension.

I’d remembered Cleo’s favourite dining haunts and that the current London craze for Peruvian meets Sushi is one of her fave options.

The day had dragged by, I kept checking my watch and time simply wasn’t going fast enough. One interminable meeting after another, when all I could think of was Cleo’s willowy figure and re-reading several times the email with her detailed sexual picklist.

We’d arranged to meet at the restaurant in Soho at 8. I arrived a little before, shortly afterwards by the ever-punctual Cleo, who looked stunning in a LBD…

“I was really worried I might be late, my waxing appointment took ages”, is just such a great opener, I was hooked.

As last week, the convo was easy and flirtatious, though I noticed that the subject of the parents and the increasingly tricky divorce, had a notable effect on her.

Apparently her father, who is now in his 60’s, had taken up with a much younger woman and over the last two years she had increasingly made it difficult for Cleo to see him.

She had been close to him it seemed and talking about ‘Daddy’ made her slightly moist eyed.

I decided to change the subject, as it was obviously a tricky one and so decided to plunge into the world of acting… My mother had been a useful actor in her younger years, before she met my broker father and ‘retired’. So, as a family, we still have quite a few friends in the business.

Then, I noticed Cleo visibly change, she wanted to know where we were staying, a chic boutique hotel in Soho as it happened and how she’d understood what I liked, in my reply to her picklist…

Now, I have generally found that virtually every Sugarbabe I’ve dated before has been more than a little submissive and so it would seem was Cleo, which I hadn’t quite expected.

The transformation was total, she moved round to the bench seat next to me, turned to look at me and discretely pulled my hand towards her thigh.

“Do you mind if I call you Daddy?”

At this point she moved my hand up her dress and pressed it against her pussy, she was totally waxed clean and wet, very wet.

At this point she had my total attention.

“I have done exactly what Daddy asked, I want Daddy to see that I’m a good girl”

I was floored. The slight, willowy beauty that I’d met 10 days ago had transformed into a seriously sexy being.

I immediately turned to a passing waiter and barked, “the bill please”….

Within 10 minutes we were walking out of the lift and across the hall to our achingly chic room, it was Soho, after all 😉

Her Little Black Dress was discarded in one swift move and there, totally naked, except for her heels, stood Cleo.

“Is Daddy going to punish me?”

“Yes daddy is” I said, “to ensure that you remember you are Daddy’s girl”

Fortunately having had just 2 small glasses of wine, copious fizzy water and a reviving espresso, I was virtually sober and knew exactly what I wanted to do.

In one move I turned Cleo round, pulled her arms back and tied them with my tie, before pushing her onto the bed.

“Stick your arse in the air, Daddy is cross with you”

She pulled her knees forward along the bed and her beautiful bottom thrust upwards.

With a careful aim, the flat of my palm impacted her arse with a thud, she squealed.

“Say ‘thank you Daddy’ “, I said sternly.

She obeyed and I carried on spanking her.

After 10 spanks, I was hard and unzipped my trousers, I grabbed her hair and pulled her head on to my cock, she took me in her mouth eagerly and within a few minutes I was coming.

I let her head down and moved round to her arse to check her pussy, she was soaking. I began playing with her hard and fast, my fingers slipping in and out, trying to expand within her sex.

In what seemed like no time, she began to come, grunting out a deep gutteral moan .

Then she turned to look at me, her face the picture of a totally sex-crazed, slightly scary, animal.

It was the hottest thing I’d ever seen.










Tips for Sugardaddies No.2 – Look Before you Leap

OK, so you’ve decided to take a plunge into the Sugarbowl and wonder where to start.

Well, let’s get our ducks in a row first, to use that terrible expression from my Business School days.

Firstly, have you got the time?

The sort of guy who can afford a Sugarbabe is generally a successful self-made guy, or someone in a senior salaried job. With the sort of £100k + salary you will be earning, you’ll know all about putting the hours in. Will you be able to devote time to see your chosen babe 3-4 times a month? Remember, with the hours you work, something’s gonna have to give. Just make sure it’s the golf, or those nights out with the boys, rather than your partner or kids…or you’ll be rumbled PDQ…

Secondly, well, it’s the money…

You are not going to be spending much less than £2,000 ($3,400) a month.

Yes, I know you and the gorgeous Sugarbabe agreed £1,000 ($1,700) as an allowance, but have you factored in gifts, dinners, hotels (you’re not thinking of using a mate’s flat I hope?!), cab fares, etc.

Last year I kept a record of 6 months spending on my Sugarbabe, it was £17,000 ($29,000).

OK, some of that was hotels I would have had for work anyway, but that leaves an awful lot of plain, old, Sugar.

Are you the Right Type?

What do I mean by that – simply, can you live the life?

Sure, you’re thinking, I’d love to be seen around with a gorgeous 28 year old blond, who fucks wildly and looks hot…but really, do you?

Can you cope with the deception involved, not just to your wife/partner, but your boss, your business partners, even your friends. You have to be a quick thinker, you have to be able to improvise rationally and quickly if you are ever in a tight corner.

You also have to be methodical, like some kind of MI6 graduate, you must be able to run two very separate lives and ensure they never meet.

Lastly, can you keep a secret?

Don’t even think about sharing your Sugarlife with your mates – that’s just dumb. Your mate sleeps with his wife, who’s maybe friends with yours…it’s a connection too close.

I have friends I went to Uni with, or even school, who I’d do anything for, that I’ve known for 20+ years.

None of them know I fuck girls who call me Daddy.

Best kept that way.


Work – the Curse of the Sugaring Classes

After the excitement of my recent trip down memory lane with May last week, it’s been back to the real world with a bump and the tedious necessity of earning a living, whilst keeping one eye on my SB inbox.

This week it’s been a trip to Frankfurt on Mon, unfortunately a tiring awayday, then it’s up to Glasgow tomorrow. Then, amongst all this toil, this morning I had a message from Cleo.

Cleo has grabbed my attention, she’s a very attractive, aspiring actor, who’s sent me a very positive message. She has picked on a few things in my profile and sounds ideal. Almost as if she’d read my post the other day.

Anyway, she says she’s had some experience as a Sugarbabe.

I wanted to see her today, but there’s just too much on, writing reports, budget meetings and other dull stuff, so a meet arranged for a central London gallery for Friday, that’s if work doesn’t get in the way…

Are you serious?

Nikki has left me speechless…

First of all, if you are an aspiring Sugarbabe and you are, how can I put it, more than slightly overweight, it’s a good idea not to hide it on your profile.

Saying you have a normal figure and being anything but, begs the question that you are normal size where? Mid-West USA, Middlesborough, Swindon??

Anyway, I’ve nothing against the larger lady, but it would be nice to know.

However Nikki’s levels of deception were only surpassed by the fact she lives in la-la land.

Telling your prospective Sugardaddy that you have a boyfriend and that the only sex between us will be a “handjob”, or maybe some oral, “but only if you wear a condom” caused about as much sexual excitement in me as a trip to the company accountant.

I fear Nikki may be on the shelf for some time to come.