Sugar Trophies

Into the second week on holiday and I’m getting a bit restless.

Trying not to check work email is becoming more difficult, with so many projects on the go and quite a few imminent, the temptation to see what my colleagues and staff are doing (or, rather not doing) is hard to resist.

Anyway, another lazy afternoon in the sun was dragging on, so I sought some shade and flipped open my laptop.

There were a couple of messages from Cleo, one accompanied by an amazing photo of her lying naked in the sun from the holiday she’s on in Spain, very nicely captioned “Thinking of my Daddy”

I started flicking back through emails from where I left off the other day, with the story of Gisela.

I came across some from a very attractive Sugarbabe called Roniesha, I saw about 2 years ago.

Roniesha was a gorgeous 27 year old ebony beauty from East London, she worked for a major cosmetics company as a Sales Manager.

The thing that I really loved about her was how beautifully turned-out she was. Her grooming was immaculate, which reflected the fact that she spent her working life visiting her company’s counters in London’s main department stores.

Roniesha and I had a few fun dates, I took her to the Heron Tower on a beautiful summer’s evening, just after it opened and we even managed a night in Paris when I was working there.

Looking back through her emails, I rediscovered all the photos she used to send, especially the trophy shots, which I’d saved to my laptop.

Whenever we’d spent the night together, the next day she would What’s App me with a photo of her welted arse, every time the same,  she’d go into a ladies cubicle, skirt up and snap.

Seeing those red marks on her beautiful coffee skin were always the highlight of my day…



Spanking and Fucking

August really is the pits, well, work-wise.

All of the CEO’s I deal with are on vacation, so are half my staff, it seems impossible to get anything done.

On the plus side, the weather in London this summer has been unusually good and my sugar relationship with Cleo has benefited tremendously, I mean, meeting up after work at rooftop bars in the sunshine really does give your evening a sexy start.

So, along came our most recent date, on a particularly warm and gorgeous Tues evening in London town.

It had been a warm day by London standards and I arranged to meet Cleo at a rooftop bar in the Aldwych, Radio.

I arrived a little late, but Cleo was cool about it. That said, I was a bit grumpy when I got there, some crap I’d had to deal with just before I left the office.

Now, I’ve already noticed that Cleo has a slightly arsey side and when she’s angling for a hard spanking I’ve noticed how she will deliberately, yet subtly, wind me up.

With just certain things she does, she’ll try to get a rise out of me and the first was staring me in the face.

First of all, you have to know that in my quest to be a perfect Sugardaddy, in addition to her Allowance, I give Cleo £300 ($200) a month to cover maintenance – waxing, nails, hair and so on,

So, the fact that her nails were unpainted and her hair messy, struck me immediately.

“Er, have you been auditioning for some part as a rather unkempt woman with low grooming standards?” I asked

“No Daddy, I just didn’t get round to it”

The game had begun…

“Really?”, I replied, “Daddy is not pleased to see you looking like this, you look like a common slut”

“I am sorry I’ve disappointed you Daddy – will you punish me?”

At this point, my shitty day and everything that was bugging me, melted away in a second.

“Yes Cleo, I am going to severely punish you, we have an agreement and you have broken it – think on that, I will be back in a minute”

My company has an account with the hotel, I pulled out my phone and dialled downstairs to reservations – I explained I was in the bar and needed a room.

Within 10 minutes a Concierge was on the rooftop with a room key, delivering it with a rather obvious flourish, Cleo seemed shocked,

“How did that happen?”

“Simple, I wanted a room, I’ve got a room. I am going to deal with you now. Go to room 507 and wait for me there”

I handed Cleo the keycard and she got up and left.

I glanced at my watch, I thought 15 minutes was about right, so I ordered another mohito.

After I finished it, I headed to the room.

There on the bed, on all fours, was my beautiful Sugarbabe. She had hitched her dress up and her bare arse was beautifully displayed.

I had thought about spanking her there and then, but I wanted the punishment to be slightly humiliating.

I sat on the bed, “lay over my lap”, I commanded.

Without a murmur, she moved over, pulled up her dress and bent over my lap.

I stared down at this gorgeous arse and her waxed pussy and got to work.

Her rear reddened with every smack…by 20, she was positively glowing and moaning softly.

Now it’s my turn I thought. I unzipped my cock and pulling her hair, forced her head on to it.

“Now slut, I want you to remember Daddy hates disobedience”

Cleo sucked me like a street hooker in a hurry and after a few minutes, I was coming in her mouth.

“What do you say?”

“Thank you Daddy”, she coughed as she swallowed

Such outstanding understanding of punishment deserved something in return and within minutes my fingers brought her to an orgasm.

I held her tightly as we lay together.

“Daddy hates it when you make him cross”

“I know, I’m sorry Daddy”

This morning I got a pic from Cleo of her rose-red backside, simple message “This is my arse this morning – thank you daddy”

My day was made and it was only 9.30am.






Pretty Woman

Monday night was just such a fabulous date.

Cleo and I stayed at a chic hotel in Kensington;  she had decided that she deserved Daddy’s punishment for a list of misdemeanours that included playing with herself, without Daddy’s explicit permission.

Now, I can be a fair Daddy, but on this occasion I decided to be firm.

Cleo accepted this, with an obvious excitement in her voice and after blindfolding her, I proceeded to tie her over a convenient chair, telling her how cross daddy was that she had behaved like a slut.

I had my little green bag with me, that contains a number of fiendish implements, but on this occasion I decided she needed to feel my hand on her beautiful, round bottom.

Thwack – “Thank you Daddy”, Thwack – “Thank you Daddy” and on it went.

After a few minutes I touched her pussy, she was wet, very wet.

I then applied the amazing wand and she came very hard, her bound body straining against the rope like a tied-up animal.

Spanking repeated, then fingers, again she came, screaming “Oh Daddy”

The intensity was sending me crazy, the red mist descended and I continued alternating punishment with pleasure, I was totally gripped by the scene.

I had to seek relief and moving round the chair , grabbed her hair and forced myself into her mouth, she sucked furiously and within a couple of minutes I was spent, it was overwhelming.

After untying her, I lay her on the bed, held her tightly and eased her back.

“Cleo, it’s me – you back?”

She didn’t reply at first, just looked at me, smiled and nodded.

“I’ve got a treat for you on Saturday, we’re going to a Polo match – can you come?”

“Oh yes, I’d love to – it’ll be like Pretty Woman”






It had to Happen – Part 2

In response to a number of requests, I’ve been asked to finish the story of the incident I mentioned in my very first post, which gave me the idea for this blog in the first place…

Being a married Sugardaddy means the Domestic Struggle is always just round the corner.

Dates, overnights and even just a lunch or dinner, all require a degree of planning that the single Sugardaddy doesn’t have to bother with, such is life.

Three years ago, I’d been in the Sugarbowl for a couple of months and was a few weeks in to what turned out to be my first long-term relationship. It was with Aurelie, a 28 year old French student in London studying for her MBA.

Now, my trips to London and overseas are regular, which gave me the opportunity for Sugaring in the first place, my wife had our two young children to look after, so I was rarely having my travel arrangements messed up.

I would arrange to see Aurelie, usually on the night before I went overseas, so all v straightforward.

We had fallen into a comfortable pattern, I’d book us a chic hotel room and being a student (albeit from a wealthy family), I would allow her to charge her afternoon time in the spa to the room, I’d arrive for a cocktail around 7 and we’d be set up for the night, me freshly showered and changed and her buffed up from several hundred pounds worth of waxing, manicures and massages.

I was on the way from my midtown office to a lunchtime meeting in the West End, when my phone rang, it was my wife…

“Darling, think I’m going to come up to London this afternoon to do some shopping, will you be around this evening?”

Suddenly, my mind flashed across an exciting montage of Aurelie lying on our hotel bed, fresh from the spa in just stockings and a bra, waiting for me in the room. Cocktails at my favourite bar, then our expected cosy dinner at Nobu, to being back in the hotel and some intense lovemaking…all cruelly cut short by my darling wife demanding my presence at our flat.

My palms went very sweaty, very quickly at the thought of this planned opportunity for a night of hedonism going so pear-shaped.

“Well, don’t forget I’ve got that dinner tonight with Ed and his investors”

My capacity for short notice fibbing was improving,

“Oh honey, of course, well I don’t want to bother you, you’ve got work, so I’ll get some supper in the flat and see you in the morning”

OK, so this was salvageable. I could spend the night with my incredibly hot French Sugarbabe and roll in back to the flat in the early hours…

Now, being a naturally confident kind of guy, I sometimes have to give myself a reality check. Could I really get away with spending the evening fucking Aurelie and slide into bed later and pretend I’d been at a business dinner?

I thought it was worth a try!

I arrived at our hotel just after 7, Aurelie, as was my usual instruction, was in just her stockings and bra, she just glowed. It was worth the risk just to see that.

We had a fabulous dinner and when we arrived back at the hotel she was perfect. Aurelie had a huge capacity for being spanked, which sometimes left even me exhausted.

Tonight she had decided that she wanted her money’s worth and when we finally collapsed, totally spent, I held her and we both slipped into a deep sleep.

The next thing I remember was waking with that terrible “Oh my God, I’ve forgotten something important” feeling.

For what seemed like minutes I couldn’t remember what it was, then the thunderous reality hit me.

“Fuck, I’m meant to be sleeping with my wife in our flat”

I looked at my watch, 12.30am, ok, taxi would take 20 mins this time of night, time to go.

I smelt of sex, there really is no polite way to put it, so straight into the shower.

I left a note in French for Aurelie, kissed her and shot out of the hotel into a passing cab.

Creeping into the flat, I headed to the kitchen and poured myself a scotch, for a mouthwash, rather than to drink. I undressed and slipped into bed. My wife is usually a heavy sleeper, but she woke.

“Darling, glad you’re back, how was your night?”

“It was heavy, those guys know how to drink”

“You smell of scotch, guess you had a good time”

“Yes honey, it was a laugh”

Barely able to keep my eyes open, I slipped into sleep before I had the chance to even replay the evening’s amazing events in my mind.