Tips for Sugarbabes – No.2 – Keep the Threesome Pics…

Flicking back through some old emails from potential Sugarbabes I’ve met online, I came across  a real shocker from 6 months ago.

Met a girl on, all seemed good, she asked for my pics. I sent some of sporty old me, trying to look cool on my mountain bike, one just coming out of the pool and another with me and a fetching tan I’d picked up after a month in Doha. Minutes later I got a reply.

So far so good, apparently I’m ‘hot’ (not sure about that, but thanks)

Then, I scrolled down the rest of her message and the pics she had sent…

Two quite sexy shots, her showing some great tits, then…OMG, three pictures of her being fucked, in one, by two guys.

Now, I am, as you’ve probably already gathered, quite a broad minded guy.

But girls, here’s a tip, probably not a good come-on to a potential Sugardaddy to show yourself in a threesome, it’s really not very classy… just saying.