Are you serious?

Nikki has left me speechless…

First of all, if you are an aspiring Sugarbabe and you are, how can I put it, more than slightly overweight, it’s a good idea not to hide it on your profile.

Saying you have a normal figure and being anything but, begs the question that you are normal size where? Mid-West USA, Middlesborough, Swindon??

Anyway, I’ve nothing against the larger lady, but it would be nice to know.

However Nikki’s levels of deception were only surpassed by the fact she lives in la-la land.

Telling your prospective Sugardaddy that you have a boyfriend and that the only sex between us will be a “handjob”, or maybe some oral, “but only if you wear a condom” caused about as much sexual excitement in me as a trip to the company accountant.

I fear Nikki may be on the shelf for some time to come.