Death & Nurses

You can go back, you can definitely go back…

My date with May was fabulous fun, starting in a buzzy Mayfair hotel bar, several cocktails hardly touched the sides as she related to me what she’d been up to in the Gulf.

She looked amazing, she’s fortunate to be one of those redheads who can carry a tan and her long red hair was set off quite strikingly against a cream cocktail dress and a pair of nude Louboutin’s, which, if my memory hasn’t turned to complete mush, I had bought her.

Life in the Gulf sounded interesting, as a specialist, she is well paid, but living, especially food, is expensive. She’d had a couple of affairs with married doctors, but nothing serious.

We moved on to a favourite sushi place and by 11 we were all over each other, I have to admit that being the weak-willed Daddy I am, I invited her back to my flat.

Now, I don’t know about you, but I’ve always found that being one of two horny, pissed people in the back of a taxi is one of life’s pleasures.

We were soon kissing amorously, like the pair of pissed fuckbuddies we used to be.

My hand moved up her thigh to check if she was still a Good Girl, she certainly was, no panties and a bare, wet pussy.

Weeks of frustration melted away with my judgement and no sooner were we out of the cab and through my front door, we were in bed.

Sometimes, some frantic vanilla sex can be just what body and soul needs.

As we lay there exhausted, in that wonderful clammy closeness, I was expecting to hear May ask if we could pick up where we left off 18 months before, but  I looked over and she was dead to the world.

I would have to wait until morning.

Not quite a Sugardate

Wow, fast moving May has suggested cocktails tonight at one of our old hangouts, wasn’t expecting this until next week.

Feel excited about a date for the first time in ages, given the trail of recent disappointments.

Usually with May, it was trying to stop ourselves getting too pissed if we intended to have any kind of D/S scene, it’s never good to go there whilst under the influence.

My real dilemma is what do I say if she suggests we re-start our Arrangement?

Is it good to go back?

Can I resist that cute look she has when she looks up at me and says “Sir, I have been a naughty girl and I need your punishment”…

I am notoriously weak-willed 😉