Good Call

After my first date with Cleo, I was doubtful about whether my decision not to try and sleep with her was right, would she think I didn’t fancy her?

Of course, all to do with the perennial dating question – do you fuck on a first date?

This morning I got a text, basically she thinks that not trying to get her into bed was just so sexy…she can’t wait until we do.

At first I was confused, then I got it…

Good sex can be rushed and urgent, a frantic coupling in the fervour of the moment following a first opportunity, but great sex is worked up to in a more nuanced and frankly, exciting, period of anticipation.

So, first decision was right and Cleo is looking forward to Thursday as much as me.

Good call.

First Date Fumbles

Regular readers to my blog will have already worked out that I would not be at all miffed to being called a Man of the World.

However, there are times when Sugar Dating throws up some tests.

So, first date with Cleo was last Thursday, a few days later than planned, but eagerly anticipated.

I chose my favourite Mayfair restaurant, where the food does actually match the exorbitant prices and the chances of spying some notable person at another table are as high as the heels worn by many of the female guests.

I arrived just before 8, shortly before Cleo, who looked amazing in a simple summery shift dress with a pair of gorgeous Kurt Geigers, that accentuate her tanned legs to perfection. Being a ‘resting’ actor, she obviously finds time to put in some sunbathing in the wonderful weather we’ve had in London over the last week, topping up her Morocco tan.

My previous experience at Tate was repeated, we met and kissed and I could immediately sense several guys checking her out, it felt great.

Convo was flowing easy and interesting, Cleo is open about her career not quite taking off, her parents’ recent tricky divorce and most interestingly, her period living in a commune in Amsterdam.

Suddenly it occurred to me, I fancy this woman incredibly, yet at the same time, in a fatherly way, I want to look after her. A strange, slightly uncomfortable pair of emotions.

Then came the decision as the meal ended, should I try to take her back to my hotel, or follow the ‘no fucking on the first date’ rule.

I really was caught, for once I erred on the side of caution and decided to wait – yes, I know, not like me, but something was telling me it was the right thing to do.

Couple of moves on my phone and 5 mins later there was a cab to take her home waiting outside.

We kissed and both said we couldn’t wait to see each other soon and AdLee took her away to Shoreditch, leaving me to walk back to my hotel.

Had I made the right decision?

Within 2 minutes my phone bleeped. A text from Cleo, ‘thank you for a gorgeous evening, you are a total gentleman and I can’t wait to see you again’

I thought, yes, on balance, I have.