Happy Friday checking out my Sugarbabe

I must have had 8 texts from Cleo today, all very uplifting and they’ve helped me breeze through what would otherwise be a dull Friday with a smile.

I feel the same sense of excitement I have done before embarking on a new relationship.

My curiosity got the better of me today and in an idle moment I thought I ought to check out Cleo, not that I’m some strange cyber stalker, just that I like to know someone is who they say they are.

Amongst the usual digital fragments of a person’s online life, there in Spotlight, the actor’s directory, I found her.

A bit of bio, and stuff about an award that she was nominated for, even what drama college she went to…good, at least I haven’t taken up with a Walter Mitty.

Made me think…If you’re a Sugardaddy, have you taken the time to check out you Sugarbabes before dating?

And if you’re a Sugarbabe – would you mind being checked out?