Tips for Sugarbabes No.3 – This is Dating, not Chugging

A familiar sight in any UK high street is the Chugger, or charity mugger.

The Chugger’s role is to step into the path between you and your urgent need to get to your office, meeting, lunch or date and try to entice you into their view that the world is full of seemingly endless injustice. The area around my office is full of these pesky people.

“Can you spare a moment for abused children/Indian tigers/the homeless?” etc…

Now, being a rather fit guy in my early forties, sidestepping them and accelerating away is child’s play.

However going out for lunch yesterday and running into a pack of them reminded me of some emails I received on one sugar dating site before I met Cleo.

I struck up a convo with a very attractive seeming lady in her late 20’s.

We were on the point of arranging to meet for a drink to see if we had the chemistry, then, from nowhere, she Chugged me.

“If I were to meet you, you ought to know that I need  £1,000 (approx $1700), urgently for a medical procedure”

I was intrigued, given that here in the UK we bask in the warm glow that is our free National Health Service.

She went on…”so before we sleep together I’d want the funds deposited in my account” (meanwhile, I was only at the ‘let’s have a coffee’ stage – she was certainly a fast mover!).

I was tempted to immediately ‘delete’, but, intrigued, I thought I’d play with this a little.

“OK, but you’ll have to tell me why” I replied, thinking that she suffered from some terrible life-limiting condition that our wonderful NHS had overlooked.

She went on to say that it was because she’d been told that Sugardating was the quickest way to raise money for a breast enlargement…

When I eventually stopped laughing, I hit delete.





It’s Official – a New Sugarbabe

OK, at last, I think I’m there…

After having had two texts and an email from Cleo last night, I have decided to give it a whirl.

We have agreed to meet next week for dinner at a cool place in Mayfair and for the first time in ages, I’m truly excited.

Just one small thing, Cleo wants to be paid her allowance in cash.

We’d talked about the amount at our lunch date,£1,000 for two dates a month, but I just don’t have cash – if I do, it’s usually a wallet full of euros…

Besides, in my pathetic male way, I like to treat my SB’s allowance like giving someone a salary, cash just makes it seem a bit, well, escorty…

However, I agreed and now I can try and pull my mind away from dreaming about undressing Cleo and get some work done!