Escort or Sugarbabe?

Despite the run of disclaimers on the sugar dating sites, “if you are an escort, please do not use this site”, kind of thing, escorts are rife.

If you leave your profile visible, which I never recommend, you will very soon get quite a few messages that are basically from hookers,

“My friend and I are in Mayfair tonight and we could meet you for ¬£500” or the slightly more subtle, “Can we have a pay by date arrangement”

Now, this is not some downer on escorts, I’m sure there are quite a few SBs out there who’ve been down that road, Mr LSD amongst them.

But if I wanted an escort, I know where to go. I don’t, I want a Sugarbabe.

So, how to tell….

Firstly, photos. Your average Sugarbabe doesn’t have a set of beautifully airbrushed pics, that usually look like they were done at a continuous photoshoot. It’s always a mixture, one or two portrait shots, a couple of iphone selfies and maybe one of them amongst a group of friends on a night out. (Pictures of your prospective SB with a range of male companions are more of a turn-off than a sign she’s an escort!)

Next, check her out. OK, so at this stage you have very little information to go on, but let’s say she says she lives in Kilburn, an area of north west London. Find the postcode and go to a popular escort site like Pop in NW6 to the search engine and look for escorts in a 2-3 mile radius. You can narrow the search down a bit if she is say black, or asian. You may get 20-30 results and it’s easy to quickly flick through. I have found 3 out this way, the most interesting being one who escorts as a couple with her husband – she’d also told me she lived alone!

Thirdly, where’s the job? Unless she’s a student, which is easily checkable, or the beneficiary of a trust fund, she needs a job. It’s easy to verify if your sugarbabe is a student, students leave a prolific e-trail, google her course, her college and up will pop some line of information that will prove she’s a genuine student. So, if you can’t find her, or her job seems sketchy, chances are she may be an escort.

Lastly and this is a useful tip generally, verify the photos. When you start the initial contact, it’s not a bad idea to say you’ve been stung before and could they send a selfie next to today’s newspaper….any genuine SB won’t mind.

Lastly, trust your brain, not your dick. Most women don’t launch into sexually explicit convos with complete strangers, they may allude to certain things, say being submissive, but any woman who launches into a detailed itinerary of what she’d loved to do to you the first time you’re alone should make you think.


Of course, all this said, one of my favourite SBs had done some escorting in her earlier years and was completely upfront about it. We dated for 9 months and it was not just some of the best sex ever, but she was also an amazing sub….

It’s just good to know.


Tips for Sugardaddies No.4 – Sugarbabe or Pimp?

Ok, so you’re on a Sugardating website and you’ve struck up a convo with a hot, potential Sugarbabe.

She’s sent you some pretty explicit pictures, she’s up for anything and prefers a pay by date arrangement.

This is all good you think.

Just wait a minute, how would you feel if you knew you’re having this hot convo with a guy, who’s controlling this profile and another half a dozen?

That’s taken the edge off hasn’t it? ūüėČ

Does this happen?

Sure does, two SBs I have met both admitted that their profiles were created and managed by, well, pimps.

They gave a % of their ‘pay by date’ fee to these guys.

So, how do you spot if your SB is an escort in disguise?

Few things to look for, firstly, I’d say the whole pay per date thing.

Secondly, when you’re having this hot convo, ask for a picture with them holding up today’s date – I know that’s a sure test, twice I’ve asked for that and the convo magically ended. (My thanks to JustaSugarDaddy for this tip)

Lastly, look for very similar profiles – these guys are lazy and they will often simply copy & paste between the profiles of the girls they manage – simply do an advanced search for an unusual phrase one uses, if it’s used elsewhere, it’ll pop up.

Lastly, if you’re bothered that the woman you’ve met is an escort and that really bothers you, then be suspicious of jobless SBs, that obvs doesn’t include students…How do they support themselves if they don’t have a job, or a (genuine) rich daddy?

But then, you may decide it doesn’t matter…


Tips for Sugarbabes No. 4 – Getting Past the Intro

As a genuine Sugardaddy that’s had dozens of approaches from prospective Sugarbabes, here’s a couple of things that really get me pissed.

So, you’ve got communication going after an interesting approach….

He’s read your profile and the messages have been lively and positive, based on a genuine connection with his Sugardaddy resume.

So ladies, let’s make the photos genuine.

I don’t mean that they’re not of you, what I mean is that they are so wildly unrepresentative that should you meet, your prospective Sugardaddy’s first thought is not “Is this the same girl?”

Now, if you’ve put on a few pounds, that’s one thing, but to put up photos that don’t show you are several dozen pounds heavier, whilst you describe yourself as “average” well, that’s pointless.

There are plenty of guys around who like the fuller figure, just be honest about who you are.

If he asks for more photos, it’s not just the case that he wants to see you naked! (If he does, block him and move on)

Take a look at your photos, are they clear, have you got a full face one and a clear one of your figure?

Sadly guys are quite visual creatures and for every guy you think might be put off, believe me, there’s one for whom the opposite will apply.

Secondly – let’s get real about meeting.

If you’ve got as far as hooking a prospective Sugardaddy’s interest, don’t waste his time with 101 reasons why you can’t meet. The average Sugardaddy is a busy working guy – how else do you think he could support his expensive habit?

Don’t go trawling for a SD when you’ve got a busy week, got to get an assignment in, or have some other pressing personal commitments. Put it on hold and come back to it when you really have got time.

Don’t schedule a meeting for more than 3 or 4 days away, if you do, chances are he’ll get another approach who can meet him sooner and all you’ll end up with is a cancellation.

And lastly, don’t ever, ever, think that a meeting is a date.

It’s not, it’s a “do we click”.

Allocate it 30 mins at most from your day, it could work out, it might not, you don’t know.

Don’t even try to ask for payment “for your time”, you’re a prospective Sugarbabe, not an escort.

Sure, if the distance is great and you’re an impoverished student, be cheeky and ask for some help with your travel costs, but please, don’t ask to be paid to see if I can bestow on you a rather cool lifestyle at considerable expense ūüėČ



Tips for Sugardaddies No. 3 – Getting Started

So, you’ve decided to take the plunge….

You’ve checked your schedule, you’ve got the time to fit in a Sugarbabe.

Your money’s good, you have a couple of thousand a month that can disappear from your income without raising eyebrows, or forcing your partner to reduce her shoe buying habit.


Now, let’s find a Sugarbabe.

The main sites in the UK are and I would recommend Seeking Arrangement for starters. In my experience it’s easier to use and the women are a little more sophisticated than, which seems to attract a lot of wannabe dreamers.

Anyway, first step is to sign up, but before you do that you will first need a disposable email account, say from gmail or hotmail.

Get that set up, make it totally anonymous and ideally have a username that’s¬†randomly¬†generated, it makes it harder to be cracked.

Now you’re ready.

However, before you can launch yourself on either, I strongly recommend that you think about how you want to go about this.

The moment you launch a profile on say, Seeking Arrangement, you will be bombarded with approaches – is this what you want?

You may decide that you would be better off playing it stealthy and searching the profiles of Sugarbabes instead.

In my experience, this will cut out a whole load of hassle and wasted time.

I first went on these sites three years ago and after my first relationship, I never made my profile public again.

The other bonus to this is that if you ended a Sugar relationship by fibbing that you were off the scene, you don’t have to deal with messages from her calling you a liar!

Now, the next bit is important, your profile and your pictures, this needs a bit of thought, I’ll talk about that next.




Tips for Sugardaddies No.2 – Look Before you Leap

OK, so you’ve decided to take a plunge into the Sugarbowl and wonder where to start.

Well, let’s get our ducks in a row first, to use that terrible expression from my Business School days.

Firstly, have you got the time?

The sort of guy who can afford a Sugarbabe is generally a successful self-made guy, or someone in a senior salaried job. With the sort of ¬£100k + salary you will be earning, you’ll know all about putting the hours in. Will you be able to devote time to see your chosen babe 3-4 times a month? Remember, with the hours you work, something’s gonna have to give. Just make sure it’s the golf, or those nights out with the boys, rather than your partner or kids…or you’ll be rumbled PDQ…

Secondly, well, it’s the money…

You are not going to be spending much less than £2,000 ($3,400) a month.

Yes, I know you and the gorgeous Sugarbabe agreed ¬£1,000 ($1,700) as an allowance, but have you factored in gifts, dinners, hotels (you’re not thinking of using a mate’s flat I hope?!), cab fares, etc.

Last year I kept a record of 6 months spending on my Sugarbabe, it was £17,000 ($29,000).

OK, some of that was hotels I would have had for work anyway, but that leaves an awful lot of plain, old, Sugar.

Are you the Right Type?

What do I mean by that – simply, can you live the life?

Sure, you’re thinking, I’d love to be seen around with a gorgeous 28 year old blond, who fucks wildly and looks hot…but really, do you?

Can you cope with the deception involved, not just to your wife/partner, but your boss, your business partners, even your friends. You have to be a quick thinker, you have to be able to improvise rationally and quickly if you are ever in a tight corner.

You also have to be methodical, like some kind of MI6 graduate, you must be able to run two very separate lives and ensure they never meet.

Lastly, can you keep a secret?

Don’t even think about sharing your Sugarlife with your mates – that’s just dumb. Your mate sleeps with his wife, who’s maybe friends with yours…it’s a connection too close.

I have friends I went to Uni with, or even school, who I’d do anything for, that I’ve known for 20+ years.

None of them know I fuck girls who call me Daddy.

Best kept that way.


Tips for Sugardaddies No.1 – Ditch the Phone

Since many of my readers are prospective, or newbie, SD’s, I thought I’d take the time to pass on a few of the things I’ve learnt.

I’m going to assume that you’re married, or in a significant other relationship, so if you want to have a lengthy and satisfying career as a Sugardaddy, not getting caught is a priority.

By priority, I mean a totally important, never to be forgotten, imperative that must guide all that you do.

There is also the sensible reason that you don’t want to give your Sugarbabe every detail of your other life.

So, first off, the stating the glaringly obvious lesson – ditch the phone.

Do not, ever, use your personal phone to communicate with a Sugarbabe. Get a Pay as You Go, it’s untraceable, cheap (not that it should be a consideration if you can afford to be running a Sugarbabe) and its SIM card can be ditched in seconds.

I have two identical Galaxy S3’s, one is personal/work, the other purely for my SD life. My ‘Sugarphone’ lives hidden in my car and never enters my house.

If, like me, you have a tech savvie wife, don’t even think of trying to hide texts or emails on your phone from your Sugarbabe. Hidden email and text programs can be spotted in seconds by someone who knows what they’re looking for.

Similarly, don’t try and be cute (and tight) by using a program like Hushed, (it generates random, time-limited numbers for one-off use), crazy – a total giveaway.

By all means use them on your Sugarphone, but don’t think they’ll fool anyone who’s trying to find evidence of your off-piste activities on your regular phone.

Most of all, don’t do what you don’t do.

The simplest way to arouse suspicion is if you suddenly develop a full-on texting habit, don’t do it, ever.

A quiet, dull evening at home may move you to the urge to swap some dirty pillow text with your hot Sugarbabe, but my friend, I tell you this, it’s the quickest way you’ll attract suspicion.

Oh, one last thing, I really do need to repeat it, your Sugarphone NEVER enters your house, EVER.


Tips for Sugarbabes No.3 – This is Dating, not Chugging

A familiar sight in any UK high street is the Chugger, or charity mugger.

The Chugger’s role is to step into the path between you and your urgent need to get to your office, meeting, lunch or date and try to entice you into their view that the world is full of seemingly endless injustice. The area around my office is full of these pesky people.

“Can you spare a moment for abused children/Indian tigers/the homeless?” etc…

Now, being a rather fit guy in my early forties, sidestepping them and accelerating away is child’s play.

However going out for lunch yesterday and running into a pack of them reminded me of some emails I received on one sugar dating site before I met Cleo.

I struck up a convo with a very attractive seeming lady in her late 20’s.

We were on the point of arranging to meet for a drink to see if we had the chemistry, then, from nowhere, she Chugged me.

“If I were to meet you, you ought to know that I need ¬†¬£1,000 (approx $1700), urgently for a medical procedure”

I was intrigued, given that here in the UK we bask in the warm glow that is our free National Health Service.

She went on…”so before we sleep together I’d want the funds deposited in my account” (meanwhile, I was only at the ‘let’s have a coffee’ stage – she was certainly a fast mover!).

I was tempted to immediately ‘delete’, but, intrigued, I thought I’d play with this a little.

“OK, but you’ll have to tell me why” I replied, thinking that she suffered from some terrible life-limiting condition that our wonderful NHS had overlooked.

She went on to say that it was because she’d been told that Sugardating was the quickest way to raise money for a breast enlargement…

When I eventually stopped laughing, I hit delete.





Tips for Sugarbabes – No.2 – Keep the Threesome Pics…

Flicking back through some old emails from potential Sugarbabes I’ve met online, I came across ¬†a real shocker from 6 months ago.

Met a girl on, all seemed good, she asked for my pics. I sent some of sporty old me, trying to look cool on my mountain bike, one just coming out of the pool and another with me and a fetching tan I’d picked up after a month in Doha. Minutes later I got a reply.

So far so good, apparently I’m ‘hot’ (not sure about that, but thanks)

Then, I scrolled down the rest of her message and the pics she had sent…

Two quite sexy shots, her showing some great tits, then…OMG, three pictures of her being fucked, in one, by two guys.

Now, I am, as you’ve probably already gathered, quite a broad minded guy.

But girls, here’s a tip, probably not a good come-on to a potential Sugardaddy to show yourself in a threesome, it’s really not very classy… just saying.



Tips for Sugarbabes – No.1

OK, I really have to get this off my chest…

If you are a Sugarbabe, looking to hook that cool, loaded guy, who’s still only mid-forties and will chuck you the best part of ¬£30k a year, please don’t treat him like a schmuck.

I must get 5 completely formulaic messages a day that seem to be complete cut & pastes, no doubt sent to about as many guys as they can possibly message before getting bored and wondering why they get no response.

Making no reference to any part of my profile, beyond, occasionally, my name, is such a fail.

That’s before I get onto the subject of the wink – you ‘wink’ me, it’s an instant delete

Here’s a tip – use something in his profile, anything, to catch his attention. Just something that says what he’s got on offer might vaguely match what you have in common, besides money, obvs.

Mine is sports, I play squash twice a week and run every day, if you do too, tell me, I want to know.

If you’re hitting on loads of guys and getting no response – this is probably why.