Decision, Indecision

After last week’s news, I’ve not had the time to think about how to play things with Cleo, work’s just been too busy.

I’ve had three days in Europe; Prague and Budapest this time and have generally been feeling a little listless about what to do going forward.

Cleo is off to the north on Wednesday this coming week, I really can’t see how we could keep an arrangement going with her 200 miles away.

So, to add to my slightly downbeat mood, Mrs LSD breezily announced that my sister was going to visit this weekend. She and I get on well, though I think her husband, Ben, is a total arse.

Ben is one of those complete dreamers who’s always months away from his latest project making a mint, sadly, he’s been through about 6 since he married my sister only five years ago and we’re all still waiting. He was really not the company I wanted when my mind was continually drifting back to Cleo.

Sunday dragged past, whilst I had to entertain Ben’s latest crackpot wheeze, something involving classic cars. He even had the neck to ask me if I fancied investing…I politely declined.

I managed to have a good catch-up with sis, so the day wasn’t a complete write-off.

Eventually they headed off and after putting the children to bed, I collapsed on the sofa.

Finally my mind engaged into meaningful thought and I came to the sad conclusion, I had to let Cleo go.


Not quite a Sugardate

Wow, fast moving May has suggested cocktails tonight at one of our old hangouts, wasn’t expecting this until next week.

Feel excited about a date for the first time in ages, given the trail of recent disappointments.

Usually with May, it was trying to stop ourselves getting too pissed if we intended to have any kind of D/S scene, it’s never good to go there whilst under the influence.

My real dilemma is what do I say if she suggests we re-start our Arrangement?

Is it good to go back?

Can I resist that cute look she has when she looks up at me and says “Sir, I have been a naughty girl and I need your punishment”…

I am notoriously weak-willed 😉

Still Searching

It’s been over a month since I met Ava, she is a striking South American lady, with a stunning figure, but her command of English was a bit ropey. Although my eyes were saying ‘yes’, the rest of me knew that any SD relationship does have to include some conversation at some stage…so my more sensible nature won out and I had to politely decline.

Ava had just finished a 2 year long relationship with a guy in his 50’s, I’ve now not had a proper Sugar relationship for nearly a year and it’s now getting a distant, but happy, memory.

It was December last year when I resolved to find another Sugarbabe, but since then I have been a rare visitor to London, a couple of major problems with State-side clients have been boosting my BA miles, but not my Sugar Life.

I’ve been on the usual sites and have been bombarded with messages ranging from the thoughtful (“tell me more about your interests in philosophy, I read it at Cambridge”), to the plainly direct (“How do you fancy meeting my friend and me in a hotel in Mayfair tonight”).

One of the strangest things is girls who think that a couple of chatty emails is basically an Arrangement started.

One girl wanted me not just to pay her fare from Brighton to London (which, if she was a student for example, I would happily do), but for her time too… A rather strange way to pitch for a relationship that would benefit her to the tune of at least £20k a year for 3 or 4 dates a month…That was a ‘no’.

So, I’m back in London early Monday and have fixed a lunch date with an interesting lady called Anna, who’s a nurse.

Can I finally find class, intelligence and a high sexual appetite before I lose hope…?


Interviews, Episode 1…

Thurs 3 April

So, here goes, a drink after work with first prospective SB.

Being as I work in a horrid part of town, Holborn, there’s nothing for it but to head west to Mayfair.

So I’ve got a meet booked with Ava, a 32 year old Brazilian, in a usually busy hotel cocktail bar in the heart of W1. The sort of place where no stereotype looks out of place; Russians, Middle-Easterners, Hedgies, Eastern European Hookers, the total mix that is actual and wannabe, well-heeled London.

It’s been well over a year since I was last looking for an SB mate, I wonder how much has changed in that time?

The Options

For those of you seriously entertaining the idea of a SB relationship, you’ve got a few options, in my experience.

You could randomly chat up an attractive girl you come across and hope that she prefers the older man.

I would hazard that this, whilst adventurous, may be a risky option!

The second option is and this happened to a friend of mine, you could meet someone through your adult children. Not as crazy as it sounds, you may have a twenty-something year old son or daughter and you may meet a (preferably distant) friend.

This guy, a lawyer, casually suggested to his daughter’s law student friend, that he could offer her an internship in the university vacation, he did so in all innocence.

When it ended, they went for a drink, she was grateful for the opportunity and she confessed that she was attracted to older guys. He’s 51, in a not entirely happy marriage and one thing led to another….

I am prepared to (maybe foolishly), put my trust in the internet, so time to find a site.


Well, it’s some months since I resolved to write this blog and much has happened, however writing it was not one of them!

In June, my French SB returned to Orleans after a year of study. I’ve spent the last three months commuting between London and Brussels on an assignment, which has made regular dating in London near impossible. It’s now over and I feel that there’s a big hole in my life since Aurelie left, which I had filled with a frenetic pace of work that’s now over.

So, after six months of SB-free existence I’ve decided to take the plunge back into the world of SD dating and to see if it’s much different from how it was when I was looking last year…

So, that means meeting SB’s for a drink after work, I guess they’re really interviews, it sounds v clinical, but we’re interviewing each other.

No doubt the next few weeks will throw up some interesting experiences, I’ll keep you posted.

It had to happen….

I have two lives, they very rarely meet.

One is as a 42 year old married man, living a seemingly conventional life in rural Oxfordshire.

In London, I am a Sugardaddy.

Living life as a married Sugardaddy requires a certain amount of forward planning and deviousness, qualities that would usually be found in one of Her Majesty’s finest secret agents, rather than the superficially conventional director of a business consultancy.

Today is the day they could collide.

My usually rural wife has decided that the designer shops of central London (and no doubt the wider economy!), could do with the sort of injection of cash that she can bring and has decided to join me, a complete surprise.

Despite my usual meticulous planning, this is a problem I didn’t factor and I am thinking hard on how to not break my date with my 28 year old French Sugarbabe, whilst convincing my wife that the “client dinner” I am having is too dull for her to come to….this is going to be interesting.