Life with Nina

The last four weeks have been exhilarating…

Since our first date in February, Nina and I have abandoned the initial plan of meeting every fortnight and are now seeing each other weekly.

To Nina, I am Daddy and that’s the dynamic, I am a Daddy Dom.

So, last Thursday started as a typical date. We met at 7 for a cocktail, before going on for dinner at a Mayfair landmark.

Nina was in a particularly brattish mood and Daddy was feeling more than a little pissed at her behaviour.

At this point I should mention that we have protocols in place. The protocols are that I speak for Nina, so when a waiter talks to her, she defers to me and I answer.

To annoy me, she had decided to dispense with our agreed rules of behaviour.

So, I had decided she needed discipline.

“Daddy, can I go to the ladies?”

“No Nina, you may not”

At this I could see her start to shuffle in her seat, but ignored her.

Dinner passed by and I could see she was becoming visibly more uncomfortable, which is just where I wanted her.

“Daddy, please, could I go to the bathroom?”

“No Nina, Daddy is cross with you”

I told her we should have coffee and the look on her face was priceless, no taxi home, yet.

Coffee came and went and I could see she was visibly distressed.

“We can go now” as I downed the last of my espresso.

We made our way to the cloakroom by the exit, Nina inadvertently asked for her coat and Daddy was even more irritated.

Out into the chilly spring air and by this time, Daddy was giving Nina the silent, pissed treatment. I hailed a cab and opened the door for her.

After telling the driver the address of my flat, I switched off the intercom and turned to Nina.

“Why have you made Daddy cross?”

She whimpered, “You’ve been a very bad girl, do you know what this means?”

“Yes Daddy” was barely audible.

At this point I grabbed her hair tightly and thrust my hand up her short, black skirt, immediately feeling a damp patch on her knickers.

“You’ve wet yourself”

“Yes Daddy, I was desparate”

I pulled my hand away and shuffled over across the cab seat, away from her.

“Daddy is cross with you, when we get home you are to go immediately to the bathroom and adopt the position”

The “position”was what Nina understood. To be naked on all-fours, awaiting Daddy’s pleasure.

Moments later the cab arrived at my flat and Nina turned off the hall into the wetroom.

I decided that now was just the right time for a drink, Nina could wait until I was ready.

Ten minutes later I came into the bathroom, there in front of me was this beautiful black body, visibly shaking.

“Nina, you have made Daddy cross, do you now why?”

“Yes Daddy, I have broken the rules”

“You have. Do you know what Daddy wants you to do?


“I want you to piss all over the floor, now, in front of me”

Nina seemed to shake more at this point and then suddenly a stream hit the tiled floor, it seemed to go on for ages and as she released she shook even more violently.

When it subsided I moved up behind her and with a sudden, swift move spanked her, hard. Then again and again. She yelped with the shock of it and after 10 hard spanks I pushed my fingers into her, she was soaking.

I invaded her with my fingers and within what seemed seconds, she came, harder than I had known before, collapsing in front of me onto the wet bathroom floor.

This was truly awesome.

I fell to the floor beside her and held her tight.

“Nina, we’re done – are you ok?”

“Daddy that was amazing”

I kissed her, it truly was.




Escort or Sugarbabe?

Despite the run of disclaimers on the sugar dating sites, “if you are an escort, please do not use this site”, kind of thing, escorts are rife.

If you leave your profile visible, which I never recommend, you will very soon get quite a few messages that are basically from hookers,

“My friend and I are in Mayfair tonight and we could meet you for £500” or the slightly more subtle, “Can we have a pay by date arrangement”

Now, this is not some downer on escorts, I’m sure there are quite a few SBs out there who’ve been down that road, Mr LSD amongst them.

But if I wanted an escort, I know where to go. I don’t, I want a Sugarbabe.

So, how to tell….

Firstly, photos. Your average Sugarbabe doesn’t have a set of beautifully airbrushed pics, that usually look like they were done at a continuous photoshoot. It’s always a mixture, one or two portrait shots, a couple of iphone selfies and maybe one of them amongst a group of friends on a night out. (Pictures of your prospective SB with a range of male companions are more of a turn-off than a sign she’s an escort!)

Next, check her out. OK, so at this stage you have very little information to go on, but let’s say she says she lives in Kilburn, an area of north west London. Find the postcode and go to a popular escort site like Pop in NW6 to the search engine and look for escorts in a 2-3 mile radius. You can narrow the search down a bit if she is say black, or asian. You may get 20-30 results and it’s easy to quickly flick through. I have found 3 out this way, the most interesting being one who escorts as a couple with her husband – she’d also told me she lived alone!

Thirdly, where’s the job? Unless she’s a student, which is easily checkable, or the beneficiary of a trust fund, she needs a job. It’s easy to verify if your sugarbabe is a student, students leave a prolific e-trail, google her course, her college and up will pop some line of information that will prove she’s a genuine student. So, if you can’t find her, or her job seems sketchy, chances are she may be an escort.

Lastly and this is a useful tip generally, verify the photos. When you start the initial contact, it’s not a bad idea to say you’ve been stung before and could they send a selfie next to today’s newspaper….any genuine SB won’t mind.

Lastly, trust your brain, not your dick. Most women don’t launch into sexually explicit convos with complete strangers, they may allude to certain things, say being submissive, but any woman who launches into a detailed itinerary of what she’d loved to do to you the first time you’re alone should make you think.


Of course, all this said, one of my favourite SBs had done some escorting in her earlier years and was completely upfront about it. We dated for 9 months and it was not just some of the best sex ever, but she was also an amazing sub….

It’s just good to know.