Hello Daddy…

A Thursday night date in London and at last Nina and I got to see each other after a three week delay.

It was with a delicious mix of excitement and trepidation that I left work at 7.30, to grab a taxi over to Soho to a sushi restaurant that Nina suggested.

Thursday being the new Friday in London (cliche alert), it was heaving. I checked my coat in at the reception and made my way to the massed lump of people crowded at the bar.

The traffic was light and I’d got there early, so there was time to spend before Nina was due. The menu irritated me, for some stupid marketing reason, some idiot had thought it was a good idea to tweak a few classic cocktails with some unneccessary flourishes…please. I managed to convince the barman that I really did only want an ordinary Tanquerey Martini and victorious, settled into a quiet corner.

Within seconds, my phone vibrated to a text from Nina, ’10 mins away x’.

Nina arrived, I leapt up and made my way over to her as she joined the short queue to check in her coat. We kissed, we fit well height-wise and it seemed so comfortable, like we’d kissed many times before.

We were led to a table in the basement by a Russian hostess with a very unfortunate manner, I guided Nina from behind, which gave me every opportunity to suck up the beautiful visual image of her in a tight, short black dress.

She looked wonderful, the dress, some pearls and a silver Cartier tank.

“So tell me about your day?” I was immediately hooked back into her.

We chatted just like before, easily and comfortably, so much so that our first bottle of champagne was gone and I hadn’t noticed.

Despite the fact that with small dish Nikkei cuisine, the food and the interruptions seems to never stop, we didn’t notice.

So, onto the second bottle.

There was a small pause in the convo, the she looked up at me and said, “I really want to call you Daddy, do you mind?”

“Of course you can, tell me more about how you want this to work?”

“I want you to Daddy me, treat me like your little girl, when I’ve been naughty you must, well, make me see I’ve been bad”

“Of course I can darling, I wouldn’t be much of a Daddy if I didn’t. Daddy can be harsh, but it’s only because he wants to look after you”

“I understand, it’s what I need”

“Well, in that case”, I slipped into my authoritative voice, “I need your limits, your wants and hates”

“Yes Daddy”

“If you’re not sure about anything that you think may interest you, just say, we can then explore it together”

There then followed Nina mention a number of things, some she tried and had been disappointed by, but wanted to give another go, to things she was totally curious over.

It was at this point that I realised that I couldn’t remember wanting to fuck someone so much.

Sadly though, this was a first date and that was not in the plan.

We passed midnight and I called Nina a cab, I saw her to it and we kissed one last time.

I hailed myself a taxi and settled back into my seat for the ride to my flat, when just then my phone pinged, it was a text from Nina,

“Look in your pocket”

I dug into my deep overcoat pocket and felt some material, I pulled it out, it was a black thong.

Then a couple of minutes later, a second text,

“Daddy I promise I will never wear these again when I’m with you”





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