Next Steps

The last couple of weeks have been torture.

After my brunch with Nina at the end of last month, we’ve been trying to arrange a first date, I had to cancel, she had to, then we ran into the dreaded half term skiing trip with Mrs LSD and the little ones.

The torture has been made worse by the fact that rather than having exchanged just a few warm texts and emails, she’s been increasingly opening up on her wishes and desires for this arrangement.

Usually too much texting is a distraction from a bloody busy day job, but her’s have been a pleasure, touching on all sorts of areas that have excited and intrigued me.

Now, previous readers will know that this Sugardaddy never fucks on a first date, but I have to say, that’s going to be a tough rule to keep to.

If you remember from last time, we had made tentative steps in kink territory, but the door to that secret garden was well and truly kicked in, at the end of a text convo that went on for a couple of hours until early morning…

Nina – “Can you tie me up?”

LSD – “Yes”

Nina – “What I love about that is then being humiliated”

LSD – “How?, what works for you?”

Nina – “Insults and most of all, well, I don’t wanna say”

LSD – “Go on, er, believe me I’m pretty broadminded”

The compose bubbles on her iPhone seemed to be stuck, then, what seemed like 5 mins later…

Nina – “I love being pissed on”

At this I sighed and cursed the fact that I am writing this from a ski chalet in Austria, rather than facing a bound Nina at my feet.


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