New Year, New Sugarbabe

So, at last, return to work and, thankfully, a return to London.

New Years was spent with Mrs LSD and the two little ones in a friend’s chalet in Verbier and with the skiing holiday over, I could relax at the thought of hunting for a new Sugarbabe, oh and going back to work, I mean let’s get our priorities right….

Unlike my colleagues in the States, we seem to have meekly accepted a 2 week shutdown over the Holidays, which usually leaves me feeling borderline suicidal by Jan 5th, or whenever the first Mon after New Year falls.

I had about 5 or 6 emails to follow up from before Christmas, well, I say 5 or 6, it was originally 30, but by the time I’d applied my in-built Sugardaddy spam filter and weeded out the a) Escorts, b) Slightly psychotic and c) Sadly desperate, I was left with these.

Some sounded promising, so I fired off my normal first email, something along the lines of “What are you looking for in an Arrangement, where are you based and when can you meet?”

I’m only ever really looking for London based SBs, no point having one who has to commute long distance, hopeless for a short notice afternoon of fun šŸ˜‰

One of the replies caught my eye, she said how important is was to her to be thought a ‘Good Girl’

Now, one thing I never mention on my profile is my little kink, so it immediately catches my interest if I read a ‘tell’ like that.

Several emails exchanged and we agreed to meet for coffee at a place in the City on Monday.

Typing this on a howling, wet Thursday evening in London, it’s brought a feeling of happy anticipation in an otherwise glum January.



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