Back to London Sugarland

My two weeks in Greece have been a great break and a chance for a recharge, though like the workaholic I am, my thoughts over the last few days have been focussed on what awaits me in the office on Monday.

It’s Friday afternoon and another cloudless blue sky. Our last night here should be fun, we’re looking at a major piss-up with some fun Brits we’ve met. I have a strong suspicion that one couple, Jason and Hailey, from somewhere in Kent, are definitely swingers, sadly not really my scene, which is a pity as Hailey is very hot.

The chances of Mrs LSD following me down that road are between remote and non-existent.

Anyway, will try not to go too mad, dealing with two young children at Kefalonia airport tomorrow with a hangover won’t be the best end to a holiday.

Had a mail from Cleo this morning, a couple of rather hot pictures of her in bed perked me up, but as I read through the email I spotted something else. She’s going for an audition on Monday to a northern theatre for a supporting role, if she gets it, she’ll be based there for 4 months. We’re planning to meet on Tues, so I’ll be able to congratulate her.

That could be tricky, although I spend time in the north, it’s all work and little free time when I’m there.

I’m finishing this as I open another beer, thinking that I might be doing some Sugar interviews sooner than I planned.




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