Sugar Trophies

Into the second week on holiday and I’m getting a bit restless.

Trying not to check work email is becoming more difficult, with so many projects on the go and quite a few imminent, the temptation to see what my colleagues and staff are doing (or, rather not doing) is hard to resist.

Anyway, another lazy afternoon in the sun was dragging on, so I sought some shade and flipped open my laptop.

There were a couple of messages from Cleo, one accompanied by an amazing photo of her lying naked in the sun from the holiday she’s on in Spain, very nicely captioned “Thinking of my Daddy”

I started flicking back through emails from where I left off the other day, with the story of Gisela.

I came across some from a very attractive Sugarbabe called Roniesha, I saw about 2 years ago.

Roniesha was a gorgeous 27 year old ebony beauty from East London, she worked for a major cosmetics company as a Sales Manager.

The thing that I really loved about her was how beautifully turned-out she was. Her grooming was immaculate, which reflected the fact that she spent her working life visiting her company’s counters in London’s main department stores.

Roniesha and I had a few fun dates, I took her to the Heron Tower on a beautiful summer’s evening, just after it opened and we even managed a night in Paris when I was working there.

Looking back through her emails, I rediscovered all the photos she used to send, especially the trophy shots, which I’d saved to my laptop.

Whenever we’d spent the night together, the next day she would What’s App me with a photo of her welted arse, every time the same,  she’d go into a ladies cubicle, skirt up and snap.

Seeing those red marks on her beautiful coffee skin were always the highlight of my day…



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