Tips for Sugardaddies No.4 – Sugarbabe or Pimp?

Ok, so you’re on a Sugardating website and you’ve struck up a convo with a hot, potential Sugarbabe.

She’s sent you some pretty explicit pictures, she’s up for anything and prefers a pay by date arrangement.

This is all good you think.

Just wait a minute, how would you feel if you knew you’re having this hot convo with a guy, who’s controlling this profile and another half a dozen?

That’s taken the edge off hasn’t it? 😉

Does this happen?

Sure does, two SBs I have met both admitted that their profiles were created and managed by, well, pimps.

They gave a % of their ‘pay by date’ fee to these guys.

So, how do you spot if your SB is an escort in disguise?

Few things to look for, firstly, I’d say the whole pay per date thing.

Secondly, when you’re having this hot convo, ask for a picture with them holding up today’s date – I know that’s a sure test, twice I’ve asked for that and the convo magically ended. (My thanks to JustaSugarDaddy for this tip)

Lastly, look for very similar profiles – these guys are lazy and they will often simply copy & paste between the profiles of the girls they manage – simply do an advanced search for an unusual phrase one uses, if it’s used elsewhere, it’ll pop up.

Lastly, if you’re bothered that the woman you’ve met is an escort and that really bothers you, then be suspicious of jobless SBs, that obvs doesn’t include students…How do they support themselves if they don’t have a job, or a (genuine) rich daddy?

But then, you may decide it doesn’t matter…


One thought on “Tips for Sugardaddies No.4 – Sugarbabe or Pimp?

  1. I was a sugarbaby and in my opinion its just like escorting, I’ll give my time, body, and you hand over the cash. I mean seriously who goes on a sugar daddy site looking for love or a relationship? Is not sex that seals the deal does it matter if there is a pimp or not? No judgement but really….

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