When the Sugar Gods are Smiling….

It’s a balmy Sunday here in North Oxford and Mrs LSD has amazingly good news.

Apparently Candida, Cressida or whoever, anyway one of her uni friends, has invited her and our two little ones for a short notice 10 days in Greece next week, obvs they have their own villa…

It’s a few miles from where we are staying in a couple of weeks time – would I mind if she went?

Trying not to appear too enthusiastic, I say “Of course darling, if you’re happy travelling with the children”

It’ll be a trial, she says, but her (childless) sister, Amanda, is going too, so she can help (sort of!).

The Sugar Gods are indeed smiling – 10 days on my own in London.

I spend the rest of the morning gleefully processing this information, wondering how I can make the most of it.

On a trip to the shops I get a chance to check my sugarphone’s email (readers with a good memory will remember it never enters my house).

To my utter amazement I’ve got an email from Aurelie, my last long term SB that went back to France last year, she’s on a French government secondment and is in London next week – could we meet up?

Trying to contain my excitement, I reply. She’s staying in a rather fab 5*in Mayfair (austerity has yet to hit the French civil service), I suggest that we visit our former favourite hangout for cocktails and dinner.

Within a few minutes I get the sort of email that would excite any man with a pulse.

“Yes, cherie, I am so looking forward to seeing you again, I hope it will be just like before”

I have to stop the car and take a few moments to compose myself, before continuing home.

As I turn in to the drive, I spot my sister-in-law’s car.

As I go in through the front door, she’s in front of me, “Oh xxxx, you really are so good to let Debs come to Greece, we’ll have a breeze”

“Really Amanda, it’s no problem, no problem at all”….


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