Tips for Sugarbabes No. 4 – Getting Past the Intro

As a genuine Sugardaddy that’s had dozens of approaches from prospective Sugarbabes, here’s a couple of things that really get me pissed.

So, you’ve got communication going after an interesting approach….

He’s read your profile and the messages have been lively and positive, based on a genuine connection with his Sugardaddy resume.

So ladies, let’s make the photos genuine.

I don’t mean that they’re not of you, what I mean is that they are so wildly unrepresentative that should you meet, your prospective Sugardaddy’s first thought is not “Is this the same girl?”

Now, if you’ve put on a few pounds, that’s one thing, but to put up photos that don’t show you are several dozen pounds heavier, whilst you describe yourself as “average” well, that’s pointless.

There are plenty of guys around who like the fuller figure, just be honest about who you are.

If he asks for more photos, it’s not just the case that he wants to see you naked! (If he does, block him and move on)

Take a look at your photos, are they clear, have you got a full face one and a clear one of your figure?

Sadly guys are quite visual creatures and for every guy you think might be put off, believe me, there’s one for whom the opposite will apply.

Secondly – let’s get real about meeting.

If you’ve got as far as hooking a prospective Sugardaddy’s interest, don’t waste his time with 101 reasons why you can’t meet. The average Sugardaddy is a busy working guy – how else do you think he could support his expensive habit?

Don’t go trawling for a SD when you’ve got a busy week, got to get an assignment in, or have some other pressing personal commitments. Put it on hold and come back to it when you really have got time.

Don’t schedule a meeting for more than 3 or 4 days away, if you do, chances are he’ll get another approach who can meet him sooner and all you’ll end up with is a cancellation.

And lastly, don’t ever, ever, think that a meeting is a date.

It’s not, it’s a “do we click”.

Allocate it 30 mins at most from your day, it could work out, it might not, you don’t know.

Don’t even try to ask for payment “for your time”, you’re a prospective Sugarbabe, not an escort.

Sure, if the distance is great and you’re an impoverished student, be cheeky and ask for some help with your travel costs, but please, don’t ask to be paid to see if I can bestow on you a rather cool lifestyle at considerable expense 😉



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