Tips for Sugardaddies No.2 – Look Before you Leap

OK, so you’ve decided to take a plunge into the Sugarbowl and wonder where to start.

Well, let’s get our ducks in a row first, to use that terrible expression from my Business School days.

Firstly, have you got the time?

The sort of guy who can afford a Sugarbabe is generally a successful self-made guy, or someone in a senior salaried job. With the sort of £100k + salary you will be earning, you’ll know all about putting the hours in. Will you be able to devote time to see your chosen babe 3-4 times a month? Remember, with the hours you work, something’s gonna have to give. Just make sure it’s the golf, or those nights out with the boys, rather than your partner or kids…or you’ll be rumbled PDQ…

Secondly, well, it’s the money…

You are not going to be spending much less than £2,000 ($3,400) a month.

Yes, I know you and the gorgeous Sugarbabe agreed £1,000 ($1,700) as an allowance, but have you factored in gifts, dinners, hotels (you’re not thinking of using a mate’s flat I hope?!), cab fares, etc.

Last year I kept a record of 6 months spending on my Sugarbabe, it was £17,000 ($29,000).

OK, some of that was hotels I would have had for work anyway, but that leaves an awful lot of plain, old, Sugar.

Are you the Right Type?

What do I mean by that – simply, can you live the life?

Sure, you’re thinking, I’d love to be seen around with a gorgeous 28 year old blond, who fucks wildly and looks hot…but really, do you?

Can you cope with the deception involved, not just to your wife/partner, but your boss, your business partners, even your friends. You have to be a quick thinker, you have to be able to improvise rationally and quickly if you are ever in a tight corner.

You also have to be methodical, like some kind of MI6 graduate, you must be able to run two very separate lives and ensure they never meet.

Lastly, can you keep a secret?

Don’t even think about sharing your Sugarlife with your mates – that’s just dumb. Your mate sleeps with his wife, who’s maybe friends with yours…it’s a connection too close.

I have friends I went to Uni with, or even school, who I’d do anything for, that I’ve known for 20+ years.

None of them know I fuck girls who call me Daddy.

Best kept that way.


2 thoughts on “Tips for Sugardaddies No.2 – Look Before you Leap

  1. Man I feel rather lucky that I don’t have all the hidden and secret things to deal with. I don’t advertise sugaring, but I’m not exactly living two lives either. I’m single and my family knows I date “younger women”, my boss a good friend and my other good male friend know, the later lives vicariously through my adventures and is thinking of taking a SB with his wife now (they are poly), lol.

    In the “costs of sugar” don’t forget SB’s sometimes need rescuing from “dragons”. Can you really tell this hot young sexy woman who fucks your brains out that you won’t help her out if something happens? Get’s sick, has an auto wreck, losses her place, etc?

    Another consideration is rather you are being a “good camper” to your SB or not. Good campers always leave things in better shape than they found them… So is your arrangement going to really be a positive thing for her? If it’s not can you show the discipline to say no to this hot young girl? Can you end it if it goes bad for her? Can you leave without wrecking her life?

    • Hey, I know exactly what you mean about Dragons, I’ve slayed a few on behalf of my SBs.

      In fact, on many occasions I’ve gone way beyond the brief. I’ve bought cars, paid rental
      deposits, got introductions for jobs and even paid for a lawyer for one who was being hassled
      by an ex…

      I like the ‘good camper’ comparison, I think I’ve achieved that with all but one of my arrangements,
      the sole exception being one SB who wanted to live with me – I mean, we didn’t meet on ‘’…

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