Happy Friday checking out my Sugarbabe

I must have had 8 texts from Cleo today, all very uplifting and they’ve helped me breeze through what would otherwise be a dull Friday with a smile.

I feel the same sense of excitement I have done before embarking on a new relationship.

My curiosity got the better of me today and in an idle moment I thought I ought to check out Cleo, not that I’m some strange cyber stalker, just that I like to know someone is who they say they are.

Amongst the usual digital fragments of a person’s online life, there in Spotlight, the actor’s directory, I found her.

A bit of bio, and stuff about an award that she was nominated for, even what drama college she went to…good, at least I haven’t taken up with a Walter Mitty.

Made me think…If you’re a Sugardaddy, have you taken the time to check out you Sugarbabes before dating?

And if you’re a Sugarbabe – would you mind being checked out?




It’s Official – a New Sugarbabe

OK, at last, I think I’m there…

After having had two texts and an email from Cleo last night, I have decided to give it a whirl.

We have agreed to meet next week for dinner at a cool place in Mayfair and for the first time in ages, I’m truly excited.

Just one small thing, Cleo wants to be paid her allowance in cash.

We’d talked about the amount at our lunch date,£1,000 for two dates a month, but I just don’t have cash – if I do, it’s usually a wallet full of euros…

Besides, in my pathetic male way, I like to treat my SB’s allowance like giving someone a salary, cash just makes it seem a bit, well, escorty…

However, I agreed and now I can try and pull my mind away from dreaming about undressing Cleo and get some work done!




Meeting Venus

Cleo is a thing of absolute beauty.

Slim, tall and elegant, she is a gentle soul that exudes an inate goodness, which will probably not stand her very well in the backbiting world of acting.

The sort of willowy presence that exists solely on a diet of green tea and fresh air.

We hit it off very quickly, mainly because I was overawed by how vulnerable she seemed and dear reader, I do have a sympathetic side 😉

After a cursory flit round Tate Britain, engrossed in sugarchat, we headed to the wonderful sunlit courtyard and sat down.

Cleo looked amazing in a loose fitting white dress, that seemed to set off perfectly the tan she’d recently picked up in Morocco.

We chatted for ages, she’d been to a sister school to mine in Sussex and we laughed about the places where sixth formers still hang out in the nearby town.

Then I noticed it.

Virtually every guy that walked past me gave me the jealous bastard look, Cleo is just drop-dead-beauty-on-your-arm gorgeous.

Could this be it, could this be the girl?

We parted nearly two hours after meeting and agreed to meet for dinner next week.

I skipped back to Holborn and the remainder of the afternoon floated by, in a cloud of warm memory as I replayed my lunch with the ethereal Cleo….




Work – the Curse of the Sugaring Classes

After the excitement of my recent trip down memory lane with May last week, it’s been back to the real world with a bump and the tedious necessity of earning a living, whilst keeping one eye on my SB inbox.

This week it’s been a trip to Frankfurt on Mon, unfortunately a tiring awayday, then it’s up to Glasgow tomorrow. Then, amongst all this toil, this morning I had a message from Cleo.

Cleo has grabbed my attention, she’s a very attractive, aspiring actor, who’s sent me a very positive message. She has picked on a few things in my profile and sounds ideal. Almost as if she’d read my post the other day.

Anyway, she says she’s had some experience as a Sugarbabe.

I wanted to see her today, but there’s just too much on, writing reports, budget meetings and other dull stuff, so a meet arranged for a central London gallery for Friday, that’s if work doesn’t get in the way…

Tips for Sugarbabes – No.1

OK, I really have to get this off my chest…

If you are a Sugarbabe, looking to hook that cool, loaded guy, who’s still only mid-forties and will chuck you the best part of £30k a year, please don’t treat him like a schmuck.

I must get 5 completely formulaic messages a day that seem to be complete cut & pastes, no doubt sent to about as many guys as they can possibly message before getting bored and wondering why they get no response.

Making no reference to any part of my profile, beyond, occasionally, my name, is such a fail.

That’s before I get onto the subject of the wink – you ‘wink’ me, it’s an instant delete

Here’s a tip – use something in his profile, anything, to catch his attention. Just something that says what he’s got on offer might vaguely match what you have in common, besides money, obvs.

Mine is sports, I play squash twice a week and run every day, if you do too, tell me, I want to know.

If you’re hitting on loads of guys and getting no response – this is probably why.

The Breakfast of Champions

The next morning was livened up by May deciding I wasn’t going anywhere until I’d fucked her again and not being up to arguing, I really did have to agree with her.

As the great James Hunt said, sex is indeed the Breakfast of Champions.

With our hangovers sated by a completely gratuitous fuck and half a packet of Nurofen, washed down by copious amounts of tea, we emerged blinking into the daylight.

May said that she would love to ask me if we could go back to the sugarbowl, but that as her next job was as a senior nurse manager at a hospital in Yorkshire, it might be a bit tricky.

I had to agree, so we settled on meeting up every month or so, when she came to London. I promised to put her up in a hotel, take her shopping and we’d just aim to have a bit of fun, which for the two of us together is never very difficult!

We parted with as the good friends and fuckbuddies we’d been before.

An hour later I was in a partners’ meeting, with an inane grin and a lingering, slight headache. I simply couldn’t get out of my head the image of her cowgirling me, shouting “I love your cock Daddy”…