What the fuck?

Nadia nails it, this guy isn’t sugardating, he’s just some horny bloke who wants to treat his SB like an escort. Best avoided

Simply Sugarly

So, I messaged an SD awhile ago and never got a response. No big deal.

I check my account today after quite an absence because of my current roster and noticed he got back to me. He asked for my email, then my number, and before any pictures were exchanged he wants me to meet him RIGHT NOW in town. Right. Now.

I’m doing my course work and can’t which I explain. He then asks “what time can you tomorrow?” well shit. Now I look inflexible. Why? Because I have Work from 815 to 445 to which I go straight to school after that until late into the night. I tell him this and he is insistent on meeting me after my class ends….still with no picture after I requested twice.

I am not one to burn bridges but I had to politely inform him this would not work and…

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