Happy Friday checking out my Sugarbabe

I must have had 8 texts from Cleo today, all very uplifting and they’ve helped me breeze through what would otherwise be a dull Friday with a smile.

I feel the same sense of excitement I have done before embarking on a new relationship.

My curiosity got the better of me today and in an idle moment I thought I ought to check out Cleo, not that I’m some strange cyber stalker, just that I like to know someone is who they say they are.

Amongst the usual digital fragments of a person’s online life, there in Spotlight, the actor’s directory, I found her.

A bit of bio, and stuff about an award that she was nominated for, even what drama college she went to…good, at least I haven’t taken up with a Walter Mitty.

Made me think…If you’re a Sugardaddy, have you taken the time to check out you Sugarbabes before dating?

And if you’re a Sugarbabe – would you mind being checked out?




2 thoughts on “Happy Friday checking out my Sugarbabe

  1. As a general rule every pot SB gets a google’ing before I get too far. Image search at the min. With my live in who is also caretaker to my mother I did a full background check on. My SB that will be moving in the fall I didn’t do one but I didn’t really need to as she laid everything bare for me.

    I have had SBs in the past that I didn’t get too carried away with it. But those were much more limited arrangements.

    IMO if I’m giving a girl tens of thousands a year and she is going to spend time in my home meet my friends and family. She is damn well going to give up the basic information. Pretty other than account numbers the same things I would get from an employment application basically. I also check the id of any SB that looks under 30 haha.

    • Couldn’t agree more. I ended an otherwise promising Arrangement a few months back when it was obvious the SB had told me a completely fictitious identity, job, everything. I don’t mind a bit of concealment, where they live, kids etc, but it just led me to not trust her…

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