It’s Official – a New Sugarbabe

OK, at last, I think I’m there…

After having had two texts and an email from Cleo last night, I have decided to give it a whirl.

We have agreed to meet next week for dinner at a cool place in Mayfair and for the first time in ages, I’m truly excited.

Just one small thing, Cleo wants to be paid her allowance in cash.

We’d talked about the amount at our lunch date,£1,000 for two dates a month, but I just don’t have cash – if I do, it’s usually a wallet full of euros…

Besides, in my pathetic male way, I like to treat my SB’s allowance like giving someone a salary, cash just makes it seem a bit, well, escorty…

However, I agreed and now I can try and pull my mind away from dreaming about undressing Cleo and get some work done!




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