Work – the Curse of the Sugaring Classes

After the excitement of my recent trip down memory lane with May last week, it’s been back to the real world with a bump and the tedious necessity of earning a living, whilst keeping one eye on my SB inbox.

This week it’s been a trip to Frankfurt on Mon, unfortunately a tiring awayday, then it’s up to Glasgow tomorrow. Then, amongst all this toil, this morning I had a message from Cleo.

Cleo has grabbed my attention, she’s a very attractive, aspiring actor, who’s sent me a very positive message. She has picked on a few things in my profile and sounds ideal. Almost as if she’d read my post the other day.

Anyway, she says she’s had some experience as a Sugarbabe.

I wanted to see her today, but there’s just too much on, writing reports, budget meetings and other dull stuff, so a meet arranged for a central London gallery for Friday, that’s if work doesn’t get in the way…

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