Tips for Sugarbabes – No.1

OK, I really have to get this off my chest…

If you are a Sugarbabe, looking to hook that cool, loaded guy, who’s still only mid-forties and will chuck you the best part of £30k a year, please don’t treat him like a schmuck.

I must get 5 completely formulaic messages a day that seem to be complete cut & pastes, no doubt sent to about as many guys as they can possibly message before getting bored and wondering why they get no response.

Making no reference to any part of my profile, beyond, occasionally, my name, is such a fail.

That’s before I get onto the subject of the wink – you ‘wink’ me, it’s an instant delete

Here’s a tip – use something in his profile, anything, to catch his attention. Just something that says what he’s got on offer might vaguely match what you have in common, besides money, obvs.

Mine is sports, I play squash twice a week and run every day, if you do too, tell me, I want to know.

If you’re hitting on loads of guys and getting no response – this is probably why.

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