Tips for Sugardaddies No.1 – Ditch the Phone

Since many of my readers are prospective, or newbie, SD’s, I thought I’d take the time to pass on a few of the things I’ve learnt.

I’m going to assume that you’re married, or in a significant other relationship, so if you want to have a lengthy and satisfying career as a Sugardaddy, not getting caught is a priority.

By priority, I mean a totally important, never to be forgotten, imperative that must guide all that you do.

There is also the sensible reason that you don’t want to give your Sugarbabe every detail of your other life.

So, first off, the stating the glaringly obvious lesson – ditch the phone.

Do not, ever, use your personal phone to communicate with a Sugarbabe. Get a Pay as You Go, it’s untraceable, cheap (not that it should be a consideration if you can afford to be running a Sugarbabe) and its SIM card can be ditched in seconds.

I have two identical Galaxy S3’s, one is personal/work, the other purely for my SD life. My ‘Sugarphone’ lives hidden in my car and never enters my house.

If, like me, you have a tech savvie wife, don’t even think of trying to hide texts or emails on your phone from your Sugarbabe. Hidden email and text programs can be spotted in seconds by someone who knows what they’re looking for.

Similarly, don’t try and be cute (and tight) by using a program like Hushed, (it generates random, time-limited numbers for one-off use), crazy – a total giveaway.

By all means use them on your Sugarphone, but don’t think they’ll fool anyone who’s trying to find evidence of your off-piste activities on your regular phone.

Most of all, don’t do what you don’t do.

The simplest way to arouse suspicion is if you suddenly develop a full-on texting habit, don’t do it, ever.

A quiet, dull evening at home may move you to the urge to swap some dirty pillow text with your hot Sugarbabe, but my friend, I tell you this, it’s the quickest way you’ll attract suspicion.

Oh, one last thing, I really do need to repeat it, your Sugarphone NEVER enters your house, EVER.


Tips for Sugarbabes No.3 – This is Dating, not Chugging

A familiar sight in any UK high street is the Chugger, or charity mugger.

The Chugger’s role is to step into the path between you and your urgent need to get to your office, meeting, lunch or date and try to entice you into their view that the world is full of seemingly endless injustice. The area around my office is full of these pesky people.

“Can you spare a moment for abused children/Indian tigers/the homeless?” etc…

Now, being a rather fit guy in my early forties, sidestepping them and accelerating away is child’s play.

However going out for lunch yesterday and running into a pack of them reminded me of some emails I received on one sugar dating site before I met Cleo.

I struck up a convo with a very attractive seeming lady in her late 20’s.

We were on the point of arranging to meet for a drink to see if we had the chemistry, then, from nowhere, she Chugged me.

“If I were to meet you, you ought to know that I need  £1,000 (approx $1700), urgently for a medical procedure”

I was intrigued, given that here in the UK we bask in the warm glow that is our free National Health Service.

She went on…”so before we sleep together I’d want the funds deposited in my account” (meanwhile, I was only at the ‘let’s have a coffee’ stage – she was certainly a fast mover!).

I was tempted to immediately ‘delete’, but, intrigued, I thought I’d play with this a little.

“OK, but you’ll have to tell me why” I replied, thinking that she suffered from some terrible life-limiting condition that our wonderful NHS had overlooked.

She went on to say that it was because she’d been told that Sugardating was the quickest way to raise money for a breast enlargement…

When I eventually stopped laughing, I hit delete.





A Ritual of Modern Sex? – Getting the Menu in Advance…

OK, here I am trying to get some work done in my, thankfully, air-conditioned office, as London gently steams, when my Sugarphone pings.

It’s Cleo.

Now, you will recall from earlier posts, that Cleo is my current Sugarbabe and we’re on for Thursday this week, when I say ‘On’, I mean bed ‘On’.

After my gallant behaviour on our first date, Cleo has made me aware, with no ambiguity, that she is expecting us to fuck.

Which, of course, suits me very fine, thank you very much.

So I read down the text and it’s fairly hot. A list of likes and dislikes, all on the edgy side of vanilla, veering into the wonderful world of kink.

Then, at the end, ‘I really want us to fuck as naturally as possible, so are you happy if we swap STI certificates?’

Errrr….you bet!

My last one is 6 months old, so I’m going to trot along to my favourite, discrete private health clinic in the City and 24 hrs later an email comes, telling you you’re in the clear (hopefully!).

Made me think though, I’m going to bed with Cleo, already having a clear idea of what she likes and what she doesn’t, not only that, but the awful condom fumbly moment will not raise its ugly head – this ordering your sex in advance could well catch on…



What the fuck?

Nadia nails it, this guy isn’t sugardating, he’s just some horny bloke who wants to treat his SB like an escort. Best avoided

Simply Sugarly

So, I messaged an SD awhile ago and never got a response. No big deal.

I check my account today after quite an absence because of my current roster and noticed he got back to me. He asked for my email, then my number, and before any pictures were exchanged he wants me to meet him RIGHT NOW in town. Right. Now.

I’m doing my course work and can’t which I explain. He then asks “what time can you tomorrow?” well shit. Now I look inflexible. Why? Because I have Work from 815 to 445 to which I go straight to school after that until late into the night. I tell him this and he is insistent on meeting me after my class ends….still with no picture after I requested twice.

I am not one to burn bridges but I had to politely inform him this would not work and…

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Good Call

After my first date with Cleo, I was doubtful about whether my decision not to try and sleep with her was right, would she think I didn’t fancy her?

Of course, all to do with the perennial dating question – do you fuck on a first date?

This morning I got a text, basically she thinks that not trying to get her into bed was just so sexy…she can’t wait until we do.

At first I was confused, then I got it…

Good sex can be rushed and urgent, a frantic coupling in the fervour of the moment following a first opportunity, but great sex is worked up to in a more nuanced and frankly, exciting, period of anticipation.

So, first decision was right and Cleo is looking forward to Thursday as much as me.

Good call.

First Date Fumbles

Regular readers to my blog will have already worked out that I would not be at all miffed to being called a Man of the World.

However, there are times when Sugar Dating throws up some tests.

So, first date with Cleo was last Thursday, a few days later than planned, but eagerly anticipated.

I chose my favourite Mayfair restaurant, where the food does actually match the exorbitant prices and the chances of spying some notable person at another table are as high as the heels worn by many of the female guests.

I arrived just before 8, shortly before Cleo, who looked amazing in a simple summery shift dress with a pair of gorgeous Kurt Geigers, that accentuate her tanned legs to perfection. Being a ‘resting’ actor, she obviously finds time to put in some sunbathing in the wonderful weather we’ve had in London over the last week, topping up her Morocco tan.

My previous experience at Tate was repeated, we met and kissed and I could immediately sense several guys checking her out, it felt great.

Convo was flowing easy and interesting, Cleo is open about her career not quite taking off, her parents’ recent tricky divorce and most interestingly, her period living in a commune in Amsterdam.

Suddenly it occurred to me, I fancy this woman incredibly, yet at the same time, in a fatherly way, I want to look after her. A strange, slightly uncomfortable pair of emotions.

Then came the decision as the meal ended, should I try to take her back to my hotel, or follow the ‘no fucking on the first date’ rule.

I really was caught, for once I erred on the side of caution and decided to wait – yes, I know, not like me, but something was telling me it was the right thing to do.

Couple of moves on my phone and 5 mins later there was a cab to take her home waiting outside.

We kissed and both said we couldn’t wait to see each other soon and AdLee took her away to Shoreditch, leaving me to walk back to my hotel.

Had I made the right decision?

Within 2 minutes my phone bleeped. A text from Cleo, ‘thank you for a gorgeous evening, you are a total gentleman and I can’t wait to see you again’

I thought, yes, on balance, I have.



Tips for Sugarbabes – No.2 – Keep the Threesome Pics…

Flicking back through some old emails from potential Sugarbabes I’ve met online, I came across  a real shocker from 6 months ago.

Met a girl on, all seemed good, she asked for my pics. I sent some of sporty old me, trying to look cool on my mountain bike, one just coming out of the pool and another with me and a fetching tan I’d picked up after a month in Doha. Minutes later I got a reply.

So far so good, apparently I’m ‘hot’ (not sure about that, but thanks)

Then, I scrolled down the rest of her message and the pics she had sent…

Two quite sexy shots, her showing some great tits, then…OMG, three pictures of her being fucked, in one, by two guys.

Now, I am, as you’ve probably already gathered, quite a broad minded guy.

But girls, here’s a tip, probably not a good come-on to a potential Sugardaddy to show yourself in a threesome, it’s really not very classy… just saying.



Happy Friday checking out my Sugarbabe

I must have had 8 texts from Cleo today, all very uplifting and they’ve helped me breeze through what would otherwise be a dull Friday with a smile.

I feel the same sense of excitement I have done before embarking on a new relationship.

My curiosity got the better of me today and in an idle moment I thought I ought to check out Cleo, not that I’m some strange cyber stalker, just that I like to know someone is who they say they are.

Amongst the usual digital fragments of a person’s online life, there in Spotlight, the actor’s directory, I found her.

A bit of bio, and stuff about an award that she was nominated for, even what drama college she went to…good, at least I haven’t taken up with a Walter Mitty.

Made me think…If you’re a Sugardaddy, have you taken the time to check out you Sugarbabes before dating?

And if you’re a Sugarbabe – would you mind being checked out?




It’s Official – a New Sugarbabe

OK, at last, I think I’m there…

After having had two texts and an email from Cleo last night, I have decided to give it a whirl.

We have agreed to meet next week for dinner at a cool place in Mayfair and for the first time in ages, I’m truly excited.

Just one small thing, Cleo wants to be paid her allowance in cash.

We’d talked about the amount at our lunch date,£1,000 for two dates a month, but I just don’t have cash – if I do, it’s usually a wallet full of euros…

Besides, in my pathetic male way, I like to treat my SB’s allowance like giving someone a salary, cash just makes it seem a bit, well, escorty…

However, I agreed and now I can try and pull my mind away from dreaming about undressing Cleo and get some work done!




Meeting Venus

Cleo is a thing of absolute beauty.

Slim, tall and elegant, she is a gentle soul that exudes an inate goodness, which will probably not stand her very well in the backbiting world of acting.

The sort of willowy presence that exists solely on a diet of green tea and fresh air.

We hit it off very quickly, mainly because I was overawed by how vulnerable she seemed and dear reader, I do have a sympathetic side 😉

After a cursory flit round Tate Britain, engrossed in sugarchat, we headed to the wonderful sunlit courtyard and sat down.

Cleo looked amazing in a loose fitting white dress, that seemed to set off perfectly the tan she’d recently picked up in Morocco.

We chatted for ages, she’d been to a sister school to mine in Sussex and we laughed about the places where sixth formers still hang out in the nearby town.

Then I noticed it.

Virtually every guy that walked past me gave me the jealous bastard look, Cleo is just drop-dead-beauty-on-your-arm gorgeous.

Could this be it, could this be the girl?

We parted nearly two hours after meeting and agreed to meet for dinner next week.

I skipped back to Holborn and the remainder of the afternoon floated by, in a cloud of warm memory as I replayed my lunch with the ethereal Cleo….