Supply & Demand

I don’t know if I’m missing something here, but last time I was actively looking for a Sugarbabe, I was inundated with ladies who chased me constantly.

Over the intervening 18 months or so, I haven’t put on any weight, am just as solvent and am still in possession of the same ole’ charm I had before.

Why, therefore, does it seem that a large percentage of the women who contact me then expect me to chase them?

It ain’t happening girls….

What amazes me more, is that when you get talking to most prospective Sugarbabes, you hear endless stories of being messed around, guys who want endless email and text ping-pong and all sorts of other timewasters…

So when I clearly show I’m a serious, experienced SD, why do they think I should be doing the chasing?

Can anyone recommend a better site than Seeking Arrangement?



One thought on “Supply & Demand

  1. The last time I had a active membership seemed to have a lot of UK based babes.

    I think of what your seeing is the result of two factors… Time of year and publicity about sugaring.

    It’s summer and the girls want a summer romance before going back to school or work a day life. It’s not a romance if they don’t feel “chased after”.

    Lots of pie in the sky stuff out there about getting rich spoiled pampered and such.

    IMHO you are MUCH better off doing the searching contacting and to prosecute the arrangement. You’re much more likely to find who you want and finding someone “close enough”.

    Good luck!

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