Don’t be late…just a tip

OK, I know I’m not Richard Branson, just a partner in a moderately successful business, but my time is precious and I really don’t want to waste it waiting for a first date who turns up late.

Monday’s lunch date, Anna, has emailed to say, “I may be a little late as I’m seeing a friend first thing”….

Well, having been kept waiting by prospective Sugarbabes before, I can tell you that it’s something that leaves me cold.

Sure, you could get trapped on the Underground, witness an accident, or have some other calamity befall you, but please, please, don’t try and fit me in and arrive late.

It’s mainly a manners thing, but if you’re hoping to pitch yourself as a reliable, hassle-free Sugarbabe, you’re going to have to really work hard to win me round.

Just saying.

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