Still Searching

It’s been over a month since I met Ava, she is a striking South American lady, with a stunning figure, but her command of English was a bit ropey. Although my eyes were saying ‘yes’, the rest of me knew that any SD relationship does have to include some conversation at some stage…so my more sensible nature won out and I had to politely decline.

Ava had just finished a 2 year long relationship with a guy in his 50’s, I’ve now not had a proper Sugar relationship for nearly a year and it’s now getting a distant, but happy, memory.

It was December last year when I resolved to find another Sugarbabe, but since then I have been a rare visitor to London, a couple of major problems with State-side clients have been boosting my BA miles, but not my Sugar Life.

I’ve been on the usual sites and have been bombarded with messages ranging from the thoughtful (“tell me more about your interests in philosophy, I read it at Cambridge”), to the plainly direct (“How do you fancy meeting my friend and me in a hotel in Mayfair tonight”).

One of the strangest things is girls who think that a couple of chatty emails is basically an Arrangement started.

One girl wanted me not just to pay her fare from Brighton to London (which, if she was a student for example, I would happily do), but for her time too… A rather strange way to pitch for a relationship that would benefit her to the tune of at least £20k a year for 3 or 4 dates a month…That was a ‘no’.

So, I’m back in London early Monday and have fixed a lunch date with an interesting lady called Anna, who’s a nurse.

Can I finally find class, intelligence and a high sexual appetite before I lose hope…?


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