The Options

For those of you seriously entertaining the idea of a SB relationship, you’ve got a few options, in my experience.

You could randomly chat up an attractive girl you come across and hope that she prefers the older man.

I would hazard that this, whilst adventurous, may be a risky option!

The second option is and this happened to a friend of mine, you could meet someone through your adult children. Not as crazy as it sounds, you may have a twenty-something year old son or daughter and you may meet a (preferably distant) friend.

This guy, a lawyer, casually suggested to his daughter’s law student friend, that he could offer her an internship in the university vacation, he did so in all innocence.

When it ended, they went for a drink, she was grateful for the opportunity and she confessed that she was attracted to older guys. He’s 51, in a not entirely happy marriage and one thing led to another….

I am prepared to (maybe foolishly), put my trust in the internet, so time to find a site.

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