Well, it’s some months since I resolved to write this blog and much has happened, however writing it was not one of them!

In June, my French SB returned to Orleans after a year of study. I’ve spent the last three months commuting between London and Brussels on an assignment, which has made regular dating in London near impossible. It’s now over and I feel that there’s a big hole in my life since Aurelie left, which I had filled with a frenetic pace of work that’s now over.

So, after six months of SB-free existence I’ve decided to take the plunge back into the world of SD dating and to see if it’s much different from how it was when I was looking last year…

So, that means meeting SB’s for a drink after work, I guess they’re really interviews, it sounds v clinical, but we’re interviewing each other.

No doubt the next few weeks will throw up some interesting experiences, I’ll keep you posted.

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