It had to happen….

I have two lives, they very rarely meet.

One is as a 42 year old married man, living a seemingly conventional life in rural Oxfordshire.

In London, I am a Sugardaddy.

Living life as a married Sugardaddy requires a certain amount of forward planning and deviousness, qualities that would usually be found in one of Her Majesty’s finest secret agents, rather than the superficially conventional director of a business consultancy.

Today is the day they could collide.

My usually rural wife has decided that the designer shops of central London (and no doubt the wider economy!), could do with the sort of injection of cash that she can bring and has decided to join me, a complete surprise.

Despite my usual meticulous planning, this is a problem I didn’t factor and I am thinking hard on how to not break my date with my 28 year old French Sugarbabe, whilst convincing my wife that the “client dinner” I am having is too dull for her to come to….this is going to be interesting.